Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously!

HerCare is your reliable partner in Health! Uniquely designed and developed for women's healthcare needs and concerns, we are a handy period tracker and your pregnancy planner & preventer!

Being a women centric app we love to get you through the tough times, our PMS tips are always a support when you're battling with the achy body and fluctuating emotions! We keep it clear and sorted when it comes to your PMS symptoms and sex records, keep your data secured on a single platform and stay smooth with your Reproductive Healthcare Analysis!

So what do we collect?

The information collected from the Hercare app includes:

And what don't we collect?

We do NOT collect any personally identifiable information. If you enter information into the Hercare app that could be used to identify you or your partner such as your name, phone number, or email, that information resides on your phone and

we do not have access to it. Other information which is yours, and yours alone:

The only exceptions...

If you agree to enter a research study with us or any researchers involved in studying the Hercare app, your data may be handled differently

To be clear:

We strongly recommend that you email your data to yourself regularly so that you will have a history of your information if something ever happens to your mobile device.

If you email your data to yourself or to Hercare's support team to troubleshoot problems, that is your choice. We will not use that data in any way other than to help you and fix any issues with our services.

The data you enter into Hercare is private and it should stay that way. To make sure that no one else is viewing your Hercare data on your phone, we've implemented a Passcode and Touch ID feature in the app so that only you can open it. Turn these on under the Settings section within Hercare.

We do reserve the right to update our privacy policy. Please check back from time to time. Or contact us if you have
questions at [email protected]

This privacy policy was updated on Oct 15, 2018.